How to Purge Your Closet

Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of packing. At all. Despite my love of traveling and bouncing around from place to place, I absolutely cannot stand packing. Or unpacking, for that matter. But right now, I have less than two weeks to fit my life into a couple of suitcases that will come with me on the plane to New York.

After work this evening, I decided that I would spend the night purging my closet and organizing my stuff into a few categories (thanks, Dad, for this suggestion!):

  1. Clothes to give away. Crisis Assistance Ministry is a United Way partner agency that serves the low-income citizens of Charlotte who are facing financial emergencies and are struggling to meet life’s basic needs. They have an awesome store full of donated items that become prized possessions to many people. I love the way this organization serves the community, and so I created a group of clothes that are in good condition but that I don’t wear enough to take to New York.
  2. Clothes to take immediately. This group of clothes contains the essentials; it includes about three weeks’ worth of work clothes and several weekend outfits and workout clothes. It also contains a dress I know I’ll need for a wedding in late July and the things I know I’ll need for London. Rob and I are hopping across the pond on August 7th for the Olympics, so I won’t be in NC again before then.
  3. Clothes to take to NYC later. Right now, it’s about 100 degrees in New York. Ew. I hate hot weather. I thought I was escaping Southern summers with this move, but apparently the concrete jungle traps heat like no other. However, it’ll also get cold… really cold. I’ve never lived this far north, so I’m going to need some heavy-duty winter clothes set aside that I can either bring back with me sometime in the Fall or have shipped to me later.

Making a move with only a couple of suitcases will make you want to simplify your life really fast. I’m working on it, but still not finished. Like I said, I hate packing. So I have to take breaks about every ten minutes: make a margarita (first things first), chat with Mom, check emails, clean the kitchen, write this post…


3 thoughts on “How to Purge Your Closet

  1. Wish I could be there to help you! I’m sure Bailey and I could assist you with purging and sorting your stuff a lot faster 😉 So so excited to read your blog posts on here!

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