I Have a Home!

I love maps! I hope this helps all you other visually-oriented people.

As of today, I am so excited to say that I officially have a home in New York for the upcoming year! My good friend, Drew, works at a church (Apostles) in NYC and connected me to several girls at the church that were looking for roommates. After Skyping with two girls last weekend, I’ve found a great match! They have a two bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side (77th Street). They are going to be sharing a bedroom and wanted a third girl to move into the other bedroom. Enter: me! By a stroke of luck (read God), the room is already furnished with a full bed, shelves, and nightstand. I can’t wait to move in with these warm, friendly girls in a few weeks! To visualize this location, see the northern-most pin.

Even better, my new home will be only a 15-minute commute to work via subway! NMSS’s office building is located at the next pin, moving down the map. If I start feeling really ambitious, it would be a 30-minute walk straight down 3rd Avenue.

From early July – August 1, I’ll be subletting an apartment of another Apostles member. She will be out of town for the month, so I’m going to cover her room, which is also furnished and with roommates in the East Village (next pin down).

At the very bottom of the map is where Rob will be living. He can move into his apartment on Wall St. on July 9. He’ll have about a 20-minute walk to work, and it will take approx. 20 minutes for us to get back and forth to each other’s places on the Express subway line. This is also where Rob and I will both live after we get married and get back from our honeymoon next summer!


2 thoughts on “I Have a Home!

  1. So very exciting, most definitely! Where we stay in NYC is at 36th and Lexington…amidst your pins… Have a great time!

  2. AH so crazy!!! I am so excited about all of this! I cannot wait to come visit. I’m already envisioning a rendezvous sometime in the winter..:) And crazy that you and Rob will have your first home together as a married couple in such a cool location!

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