The Little Owl

To celebrate my new job and my move to the city, Rob planned a special celebratory lunch, complete with cryptic clues that led to the exact restaurant. He had gotten multiple recommendations for this restaurant, and now we can definitely add a couple more!

The Little Owl is nestled on a quaint, quiet street in the West Village. It’s actually a very tiny restaurant, but it’s big on the NYC culinary scene. At lunch, I ordered the lamb cutlet that came with potato salad and green beans, and Rob ordered the spicy chicken breast with asparagus and potatoes. We also shared a side of spicy creamed corn. This was a noticeable cut above your typical meal. As I was eating, and even long after I finished, I could not stop raving about it. The flavors, the tenderness, the spice… it was incredible.

Another unique aspect about this restaurant is that when they bring you the bill, they bring you a leather-bound guestbook to write a note in. Because of the special occasion and the delicious food, I had fun filling a page.

If you’re looking for some fine cuisine in NYC, check out The Little Owl, located at 90 Bedford Street.


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