Rob and I decided to get to work on our wedding registries over a couple days during our vacation time since things will ratchet up again with work very quickly. First stop: Crate and Barrel on Madison Avenue. This was such a fun experience, and we enjoyed scanning away! We were so impressed with Crate and Barrel’s excellent customer service, especially with registries. The store was easy to navigate, and the associates were always accessible with important and useful information.

Next stop: Macy’s in Herald Square. Exciting in theory, exhausting in actuality. This Macy’s has about 8 floors, the wedding registry being on the highest, and hordes of people. Navigating this store was as hard as navigating the NYC subways for the first time. And our scanner stopped working about an hour in, which gave us an unnecessary bump in the road as we tried to get a replacement. We spent hours in there, but didn’t feel like we accomplished all that much… will have to spend some time managing that registry online.


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