Grocery Shopping – Lesson #1

Trader Joe’s does exist in NYC! I love this grocery store, so I’m thrilled that I’ll have it here. There’s one located right by Union Square, which was convenient last night as I was heading from work to Rob’s apartment. We were going to spend our Friday night relaxing after a crazy week and cooking for the first time in his new place (and our future home together!). I had a long list of goodies to pick up, but quickly realized I would only be able to carry as much as my two hands could carry from the grocery store to the subway (with one line transfer), then from the subway to Rob’s apartment. No more loading up the car, driving all the groceries home, and making multiple loads to bring everything inside from my conveniently located parking space.

Lesson #1: You can save both money and calories by grocery shopping in the city.

When tempted to put one more random grocery item in my basket, I had to really think about whether I absolutely needed it. Because I knew I would have to carry and lug my groceries a long way, I picked up many an item only to place it back. No more impulse buying! Also — I tend not to want to buy snacks and sweets if there are other staples that I absolutely have to buy… which means more healthful groceries and less snacking on high-cal, high-sugar, high-fat foods.

However, I did find a way to carry two bottles of Vinho Verde to Rob’s, on top of all the other groceries… 😉


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