Root, Root, for the Home Team

Friday night, August 3, was my “month-versary” of living in New York! Crazy how quickly time flies. It’s been an incredibly busy month, but I’ve had a lot of fun and am finally feeling settled at my job and in my apartment on the Upper East Side (pictures coming soon).

What better way to celebrate my first month in the city than with a Yankees game?! Rob’s sister and brother-in-law were in town visiting, so the four of us went up to The Bronx for my first-ever Yankees game. Getting there was more challenging than it should have been because the subway train that we needed was delayed indefinitely… so we ended up getting a cab to the game since we were already a little late. Getting home ended up being incredibly quick via the subway, straight down the east side of Manhattan.

Once there, we indulged in the finest New York cuisine — spicy Italian sausages with peppers and onions and, of course, ice cream served in a little plastic Yankees hat! We also got to see some of the most famous baseball players in action – Derek Jeter was on his game that night, and Ichiro Suzuki had recently been traded to the Yankees from that night’s opponent, the Seattle Mariners (check out my friend Katie’s blog about Suzuki and Japan!). Perfect ballgame food, great company, and exciting players to watch! In the end, the home team won — another victory for the Yankees!







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