De Santos

So sorry for my blogging absence! Rob and I had an incredible, once-in-a-life-time trip to see the Olympics in London. Being there only reaffirmed my belief that it is the world’s greatest city, and the Olympic celebrations were so memorable.

Getting back into the swing of things has been exhausting, with a big work event this past Saturday making for a busy week to return to. However, Sunday, I finally got to rest and re-group. Great morning at Apostles Church, followed by a home-cooked Mexican lunch (would you expect anything else from Rob and me?), a productive afternoon with a break to take a walk through Central Park, and then a dinner date in the West Village!

Through, Rob had gotten a $25 gift certificate for only $2 for us to use at De Santos. When Rob had asked me to go on our dinner date, I had perused the menu online, so my appetite was already worked up long before we arrived at this charming West Village townhouse-turned-restaurant. The townhouse was built in 1845, and has an interesting history. Janis Joplin rented an apartment on the third floor; it was a place frequented by the Ramones, Bob Dylan and Frank Serpico among others. Here’s another tidbit: playwright Edward Albee got his inspiration for the title “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” from an inscription on the men’s bathroom mirror… don’t worry — I didn’t go looking for this inscription.

The dark, rustic interior was accompanied by incredible, flavorful dishes. Rob and I usually have a hard time picking which dish to get, so we decide which two dishes are our top choices (fortunately we have similar tastes!), each order one, then share them both. We had a rack of lamb with potato gratin, goat cheese salad, and red wine sauce, as well as truffle mac & cheese with lobster. Every bit as delicious as it sounds.

The West Village is known for its quiet streets, residential feel, beautiful brownstones, and plethora of fine dining. It was a beautiful night to be out and about in that part of town.



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