Best Manhattan View: Rooftop of the Met

I’m a sucker for a city skyline, and an even bigger sucker for a gorgeous sunset. Put the two together, and it’s the most beautiful view! When my friend, Bailey, was visiting this weekend, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is on the east border of Central Park, to check out their rooftop bar. We got there around 7pm, just in time to watch the sun swirl vibrant colors together behind Central Park as it set for the night. We sipped on “Metropolitan” cocktails long after the sun went down to see the beautiful Manhattan skyline – bright city lights set against a dark night sky.

I’ll be keeping track of rooftops and amazing views, but so far, this one trumps anything I’ve seen. If you’re visiting, be sure to check the Met’s hours. The rooftop bar follows museum hours, and they close around 5 during weekdays, but stay open later on Friday and Saturday nights. When you go into the museum, go to the visitor’s desk where you would purchase tickets. Instead of shelling out $25 for a museum ticket, tell the associate you’re headed to the rooftop bar. They’ll ask you to make a donation of whatever you’d like instead of paying for a full-price ticket. Then they’ll direct you to the elevator in the back of the museum to go up to the roof. Be prepared for lots of people and long lines for pricey drinks… but also be prepared for the most incredible view of the city.


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