Hello Brooklyn

Monday evening I was about to leave work and head home when Rob texted me to see if I could join him for the first ever Brooklyn Nets basketball game at the Barclays Center. He had just been offered two tickets to the game from a contact he works with – how could we pass that up?!

An hour later, we met at the arena in Brooklyn! The arena itself is impressive, sleek, and modern in its design. It was built just for basketball games, with distinct herringbone court and special stage lighting that keeps the court illuminated but the stands dark. Something else that really sets this team apart from any other NBA team is that its colors are only black and white. Normally I like a pop of color, but the new team’s branding really impressed me.

The game was great, and the food was unexpectedly fantastic! It felt like a little Brooklyn Fair as we walked around trying all sorts of local Brooklyn food vendors that serve as the arena’s concessions. We even capped the evening off with a root beer float from Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain.

A win for the Brooklyn Nets, and a win for the concessions! Such a fun night.

Read more about the first win for the Brooklyn Nets here.



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