Sisters in the City


I am so fortunate that I now live only 4.5 hours away from my sister! She took the bus from D.C. to visit me last weekend, and we had a whirlwind weekend of Christmas-y craze!

After Fall in New York, it’s hard to believe it could get any better, but Christmas in New York is one of a kind. I’ve never seen any other city celebrate Christmas like New York. Trees everywhere are wrapped up in twinkling lights, stores out-do themselves each year with decorations and window displays, holiday pop-up shops appear in every major square or park, Christmas trees for sale line the sidewalks, and carols play everywhere – from musicians on subway platforms to stores to restaurants. It’s hard to be a Grinch in a city so spirited!

Stephanie and I wanted to see the very best of Christmas in New York – which meant lots of walking! We checked out the ice skating rink in the southeast corner of Central Park, though we were just spectators since Stephanie doesn’t like to ice skate ;-). That spot offers some impressive views of New York City!

We wandered into the Plaza Food Hall, which is fabulous gourmet food stations of practically anything you could possible want to eat. We indulged in some peppermint fro-yo with a Groupon I had. On that level in the Plaza, there was even a rawther cute Eloise at the Plaza store! We just love watching that movie at Christmas-time each year. If you haven’t seen it, put it on your to-see list! Then we went around to the front entrance of the Plaza to check out the stunning lobby. The Christmas tree in there was absolutely beautiful – it was practically glowing! Oh, to stay at the Plaza one day… 🙂

Another Christmas in New York must-do: checking out the store window displays along Fifth Avenue! While it’s incredibly crowded with tourists along Fifth Avenue at this time of the year, there are some pretty impressive window displays to be seen. The imagination and creativity behind these displays is amazing. My favorite: Tiffany & Co. Behind the windows into which Holly Golightly once gazed, Tiffany’s conjures an image of the Upper East Side on Christmas Eve. The miniature brownstone scenes are adorned with tiny chandeliers and garlands, and those well-known baby-blue boxes are placed delicately on the door step. Magical.

We finally got to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree for the first time! An 80-foot Norway spruce that made it through Superstorm Sandy was transformed into a beacon of shimmering glory last week. With more than 80,000 lights and topped by a Swarovski star, it is the pinnacle of Christmas in New York. The whole Rockefeller Plaza – the tree, the skating rink, the lit-up angels – really is as amazing and beautiful as I thought it would be. Just beware of the crazed crowds. Something so beautiful attracts thousands of people all at once, and it can be madness!

Stephanie and I had an incredible time seeing Christmas in New York, as well as visiting with Rob’s parents who were in town, our friend Karen for Sunday brunch, shopping, and dining! I’m especially lucky because tomorrow one of best friends, Ashley, is coming to visit and I can’t wait to show her Christmas in New York, as well!


3 thoughts on “Sisters in the City

  1. It was such a perfect Christmas-in-NYC weekend with my favorite sister!! Thanks for showing me Christmas in your wonderful city.. it was so much fun! Love you!!

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