Inside the Lion King

Rob and I are absolutely fascinated by the Broadway musical, The Lion King. I first saw it in the West End with my dad when he came to visit me in London and was mesmerized. Then I saw it in Durham (at DPAC) with several of my college friends. Then Rob and I saw it on Broadway when we visited New York City together in November 2011. I can’t get enough of it! It is the most theatrically creative show I’ve ever seen, from the costumes, to the puppets, to the stage, to the music, to the set design. It is truly awesome.


To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of The Lion King, Disney opened Inside The Lion King, an Exhibit just across 6th Avenue from Bryant Park. The exhibit, which was open through December 16th, was free and open to the public. It showcased 86 artifacts from the show, including the intricate and creative costumes, masks, sets, and props. It felt like a backstage pass to the show! It was incredible to learn how everything worked, and it made me have even more respect for the talented actors, directors, designers, and crew of this musical.


If you ever have the opportunity to see The Lion King, take it! It doesn’t matter how old or young you are :-).


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