Jake Gyllenhaal… Live!

Rob and I decided to take a different approach to Christmas gifts this year. We are giving each other unique “New York” experiences as gifts instead of material items. And it’s so much fun! I got to experience my gift last Saturday night. After we got back from a day of volunteering at His Toy Store, I opened my present and found two tickets to the off-Broadway show, “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet” starring Jake Gyllenhaal!

Side note: ever since October Sky, I have ogled over Jake Gyllenhaal and those baby blues. Then, I was watching the Oscars in 2010 – right after Rob and I started dating. When Jake made his red carpet appearance, it hit me that Rob is a cross between Jake Gyllenhaal and Jim Carrey! For three years now, I’ve been ogling over Rob instead ;-).

jake jim rob

Do you see it?!

Anyhow, I had really been wanting to see a show with a famous actor in it. I think live acting is incredibly impressive, and demonstrates the talent far better than a movie. The show was amazing! Jake played a crazy bum of an uncle with quirky mannerisms and a British accent. He was great! The show had unique uses of the stage and props. If you’re looking for a drama, this one has my recommendation!

THEN after the show, the actors came out from the same door we exited and I got to snag this forever-to-be-treasured photo with Jake! Thank you, Rob, for such a fun Christmas gift experience! Stay tuned to hear about my gift to Rob!



3 thoughts on “Jake Gyllenhaal… Live!

  1. Wow, mind=blown about Jim+Jake=Rob! Love it!! haha
    I’m so glad y’all had such a fun time at this play.. and I absolutely love that you’re both giving one another NYC events rather than things. I think that might be a theme this Christmas…. ; )

    Love you both!

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