Snow Day!

I’ve always loved snow. Growing up in the South (for the most part), snow days were few and far between. But whenever the first snowflake fell, my heart would leap with excitement. Something about a blanket of fresh, white snow and fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky — it’s just magical.

Well over night, New York City got more than a few fluffy snowflakes and a blanket of snow about a foot deep in some places! Everyone had been talking about the big snow storm coming to the Northeast, a blizzard named Nemo (odd name for a snow storm, don’t you think?). I really wasn’t sure what to expect exactly, and certainly not in Manhattan. It was just hard to fathom that much snow sticking in a city that always seems to be in constant motion. But it did! New Yorkers woke up this morning to a winter wonderland! Rob and I went on a snow walk around his apartment in lower Manhattan, and then decided to go up to Central Park to check things out.

The snow brought so many people outside with their cute little kids all bundled up — making snow angels, sledding, and tossing snowballs. Even adults were overly giddy in the snow (including Rob and myself!). The snow was especially beautiful because the sun was out and shining brightly and the sky was a perfect shade of Carolina blue. Here’s a look at our snow walk:

DSC_9070 DSC_9083 DSC_9115 DSCN3833 DSCN3840 DSCN3843DSC_9093


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