Cat on a Hot Tin Roof starring Scarlett Johansson

As I’ve mentioned before, I am amazed by Hollywood stars performing live and engaging with audiences every single night on Broadway. I think it is a true testament to their acting abilities. So last last Friday night, Rob and I had an incredibly fun, iconic NYC date night, including dinner and drinks in the West Village, a Broadway show starring Scarlett Johansson, and New York cheesecake at Junior’s.

One of my favorite parts of the city is the West Village – I love the “off-the-grid” layout of the streets, the beautiful brownstones, the quaint yet quirky bars and restaurants, and the soft yellow light from the street lamps. It’s also conveniently located on the same subway line as Times Square, so getting dinner there and then heading to our theater was smooth. Because last Friday was National Margarita Day, and, well, because we never turn down a good Mexican restaurant, we headed to Ofrenda on 7th Avenue near Christopher Street to take advantage of their excellent happy hour specials. We ended up ordering only from the happy hour menu and sampling a few different tapas – all were delicious and we left completely full and happy!

Ofrenda (1)

Next up: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof! I read this play in a Drama class that I took in college, so it was extra special to see it brought to life on a Broadway stage. A few memorable things about this play:

  • The set never changes! The entire production takes place in the same room set-up.
  • There are three acts and two intermissions, making the show about 3 hours!
  • The accents of this Southern family are intense – Scarlett’s voice is so deep and drawn out that sometimes it’s hard to understand her!
  • This is one of the few theaters that allow drinks to be taken from the bar back to the seats. We think this is because one of the main characters drinks/gets drunk throughout the entire show, subliminally causing more audience members to want to buy a drink (cocktails are $16 by the way – yikes! – we opted for a Coke).

Check out this great review of the show by the New York Times, and this interesting Q&A with Scarlett Johansson.

When Rob and I visited NYC in November 2011 for the first time together, we did all things New York. One of my favorite things was seeing The Lion King on Broadway and then getting a midnight snack – cheesecake at Junior’s, an iconic New York restaurant in the heart of Times Square. At this point, Times Square isn’t exactly our favorite place to hang out, but I couldn’t resist jumping into Junior’s after the show for a quick bite. Even though Rob doesn’t like cheesecake, he sweetly came along for the ride :-). It was fun reliving memories of our first trip to this exciting city together!


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