Orchid Show at The New York Botanical Garden

New York still feels a bit like winter, but a couple Sundays ago, my roomie, Whitney, offered Rob and me her guest passes to the 11th annual Orchid Show at The New York Botanical Garden. Seeing all the bright and brilliant orchids throughout the conservatory made it feel like spring time, at least for an afternoon!


Orchids have always been among my favorite flowers. The exhibition, running from March 2 to April 22, celebrates the orchid flower in all its amazing forms with thousands of brilliantly colored orchids. The largest exhibition of its kind in the United States also offers insight into caring for orchids and music from around the world.


After going through the exhibition in the conservatory, we took a narrated tram ride through the rest of the gardens’ 250 acres of Bronx Park. It was fascinating to see so much uncut land, similar to what the first settlers would have seen when they arrived in what we now call New York City.

After our tram ride, we even picked up a couple of “love ferns” to keep at Rob’s apartment. We’ve got them perched in his window sill to get as much sun as possible. Aren’t they cute?!

love ferns


One thought on “Orchid Show at The New York Botanical Garden

  1. Love your love ferns! I’m also determined to keep my plants alive this Spring, since I manage to kill them each year. Hopefully your love ferns will last forever!!

    PS: Gorgeous orchid photos!

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