Birthday at Buddakan!

As if my 23rd year wasn’t fantastic enough (got engaged to the man of my dreams and moved to an amazing city), I have a sneaky feeling 24 will be even better! Though the weather changed our plans a bit, I had a great time celebrating at a one-of-a-kind restaurant in the Meatpacking District with my sweet fiance. Our schooner sailing on the Hudson River has been postponed until next week, but dinner together and a night-time stroll were perfect.


The restaurant, Buddakan, is a trendy Asian fusion place right next to Chelsea Market. The exterior of the restaurant is minimal, but the inside is packed with drama, interesting architecture, and other-world art. From the outside, you would never imagine what the interior holds. I’ve been by Chelsea Market dozens of times and never even noticed this fantastic place. After being ushered to our table, we decided to order a few things and share it all: general tso’s dumplings to start, black pepper beef, broken chili chicken, and a side of lobster fried rice (goodbye wedding diet!). We both concluded that this was the most interesting and best quality dining experience we’ve had in NYC. Every bite of food was perfect. I don’t think I had been to an Asian fusion restaurant, so the flavors were unique and new. So fun to try it on my birthday! It’s definitely a “special occasion” place, and I loved it!

Fun fact: In Sex and the City (the movie), Carrie & Mr. Big filmed their Rehearsal Dinner here. Check out the clip from the film here.

And I can’t forget to include the NY Times’ restaurant review.


After dinner, we rounded the block and strolled along the High Line until it closed at 10 p.m. We had never walked there at night, but it was so peaceful and beautiful. The High Line always impresses us with its ability to have been transformed from an abandoned and elevated train track into a unique city park stretching dozens of blocks. For anyone visiting NYC, it’s truly a hidden gem!



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