Stargazing on the High Line

Stars 2

Apparently, you don’t have to leave New York City to see the stars (or the Moon and planets!)


NYC amazes me with the opportunities for free and fun entertainment. Stargazing on the High Line takes place from 7:30 – 9:30 every Tuesday night on the High Line between 14th and 14th Streets from April through October. You can gaze at the stars, planets, and Moon through the high-powered telescopes of the Amateur Astronomers Association, and chat with the friendly experts about the sights you see. We arrived around 8:00 p.m. just as the sun was setting to catch a close-up view of the crescent Moon’s craters and mountains, Jupiter and one of its moons, Venus, and Saturn! The moon was obviously the best view, with all sorts of detail in clear view through the telescope. But what was especially cool was seeing Saturn and its rings through the telescope! It looked a little like this:

And here’s what the Moon looked like through the telescope:

This was such a fun date night – and FREE! We love the High Line, a quiet and green diversion within the concrete jungle we live in. I’m realizing I’ve had a lot of posts talking about the High Line, so it must be one of our favorite places in New York :).

Stars 1



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