Beach Bachelorette!

I’m a lucky, lucky bride because I got to have a second bachelorette celebration in sunny North Carolina with my besties. Stephanie planned the perfect weekend in Emerald Isle, filled with best friends, sunshine, beach time, great reading, a hilarious movie, relaxation, scrumptious mimosa brunches, games, late-night conversations, a photo booth, a pinata, a lingerie shower, a night at a beachfront bar, ocean-side dinners, a stroll through the coastal town of Beaufort, and memories for a lifetime.

To everyone who was a part of it: I love you dearly and am so thankful for your friendship! It was so special to spend a weekend with the girls who know me best right before I embark on this adventure called marriage :).

Oh, and while my sister is currently saving the world in DC, she will one day be a wedding event planner… I’m certain of it. She has such a passion and joy for all things wedding-related and thinks of everything to make an event special. I’ll give out referrals for her future services because not everyone can be as lucky as me to have her as a sister, BFF, and maid of honor all in one! But seriously, she’s amazing.



4 thoughts on “Beach Bachelorette!

  1. I LOVE YOU!!!! This is the sweetest blogpost, Bridgie. I hope you felt so, so loved (by all of us) over the weekend.. because you are! I had the best time ever.

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