From Miss to Mrs.

Hello, hello! It’s been a week since Rob and I got back to NYC from our honeymoon in Antigua, and we are loving settling into married life. Our wedding was the happiest day of my life, filled with so many beautiful and joyful moments shared with family and friends. I can’t wait to share photos from Robyn Van Dyke and video from Inkspot Crow Films. Thank you to everyone who was with us that day or with us in spirit! We had so much fun.

Following our wedding, we spent Sunday night in Coral Gables, Florida before heading to our resort, Hermitage Bay, in Antigua for seven nights. It was the perfect honeymoon for us – relaxing, peaceful, quiet… a few activities, delicious food, incredible views. In our (almost) 4 years of knowing each other, Rob and I had never taken a “get-away” vacation together. We’d never even been to the beach together! Normally our travels consist of lots of adventure & exploring or lots of family visits – both of which we love and crave, but neither of which is a relaxing, recharging vacation. So, we decided our honeymoon was the perfect time to finally sit back, relax, and not live by a time table. And oh, how heavenly – a whole week of it! I’ve shared some photos from our trip here.

Needless to say, jetting back to JFK was a bit of a rude awakening to our week of serenity. But settling into our home together and starting married life has been exciting in a whole new way – I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be married to Rob, and love our day-to-day life together.


One thought on “From Miss to Mrs.

  1. I love this so much! I agree, your wedding day was THE happiest day of my life, too!! It was so perfect and beautiful. And your honeymoon looks and sounds like it was seriously dreamy. The pictures are incredible! So glad you both finally got to take a relaxing, wonderful vacation together. And now the real fun begins!! xoxox

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