Charlottesville Bound!

Many friends and family are aware, but Rob and I have some big news! With mixed emotions, we are moving to Charlottesville, Virginia on July 31 – August 1. While we are incredibly sad to be leaving this city that we’ve come to know as home and the circle of friends that we’ve come to love as family, we are open to whatever the future holds for us in beautiful Charlottesville. Rob will begin his MBA at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business in mid-August for a two-year program, and we’re praying that I find just the right career opportunity for our time in Charlottesville. All the people we’ve met so far have been incredibly helpful, informative, friendly, and welcoming. From the interactions we’ve had with people living in Charlottesville and people within the Darden community, we are hopeful that we will form some very close friendships and a deep love for the town. We’re certain that God is with us wherever we go, so we’re excited to see what he’s got up his sleeve during our next adventure as UVa Wahoos and Cavaliers!

Us in downtown Charlottesville in Summer 2011

In the meantime, we’re relishing in our final few weeks in New York City. We’re loving married life and our little apartment downtown, and we’re marking a few more things off our NYC Bucket List and enjoying time with friends. We’re enjoying the little things we’ve come to love about this city (rooftop breezes with a cool drink in hand) and the big things we love about this city (one more Broadway show before we go). And since we love this city so much, I think it’d be nice to share our Bucket List with you all before we get to work on a new Bucket List for Charlottesville – so stay tuned for the next post! It’s been a busy and fun year, that’s for sure!


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