You might recall my post about our afternoon at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn – and what a fun foodie treat it was! Well, Smorgasburg opened another location called SmorgasBar in the mostly abandoned South Street Seaport area. In an effort to revitalize the area following damage from Hurricane Sandy, the Flea curated about a dozen local food and beverage vendors to set up on Front Street (between Beekman and Fulton St.) in the pedestrian-only area of South Street Seaport everyday, through October. Open later than the other food markets, it made for the perfect Saturday night treat with our friends, Rebecca and Scott Fitzgerald.


We wandered over to SmorgasBar around dusk, to find twinkle lights strewn above umbrella-covered picnic tables, a small crowd watching an old movie screening on a projector in the cobblestone square, and plenty of food and beverage vendors ready to give us our fix.

IMG_5765 IMG_5766 IMG_5767
IMG_5769 IMG_5770

Under the fun ambience of SmorgasBar, we tried hamburgers, pizza, mint lemonade, and a White Peach Arnold Palmer slushy. The rain earlier in the evening broke through the unbearable heatwave, making for a pleasant temperature to dine al fresco. Fortunately, the umbrellas kept us (mostly) dry when the rain came again toward the end of our eating.


It’s so sad how abandoned the South Street Seaport area is, almost a year after Sandy wrecked havoc on this part of Manhattan. There used to be an upscale outdoor mall, fine dining and fun restaurants, and a festival-like atmosphere around the piers. So, we’re incredibly excited to see a bit of revitalization in the area and hope that others check out this part of town and help bring it back to life.


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