Virginia is for Lovers

So, we moved. Hence why I’ve been a bit absent for some time. But we are now coming to you live from Charlottesville, Virginia! I’ll bring you up to speed with the newlywed Langdons, and then stay tuned in the coming weeks for some fun adventures we’ve already had in Virginia.

To begin, this move has truly been an endless rollercoaster of emotions for me. Leaving a place like New York, a place that had long been a dream of mine, was so much harder than I ever thought it would be. I had surprising thoughts of sadness when I realized it was my last time on the 6 train (really!), the train that carried me to work or to Rob’s apartment for almost a year… the train that also drove me nuts with its jam-packed rush hour or long delays late at night. I was still going to miss it. So you can imagine how much I was going to miss the wonders of New York, the things that made my heart beat faster, the things that took my breath away.

DSCN5628 DSCN5662 DSCN5712 With much help from Rob’s kind parents, we managed to pack up our little apartment into two SUVs (after selling every single piece of furniture we had with us) and drove out of Manhattan and all the way to Charlottesville, quickly followed by a road trip to Charlotte to pick up furniture and wedding gifts we’d been storing at my parents’ house (thanks, Mom & Dad!). And many thanks to all our parents and Stephanie for their help moving us into our new apartment! Many hands make light work.


IMG_5959 IMG_5968_2

Now we are almost a month into life in Charlottesville, and life is certainly different! For one thing, we actually hear crickets at night… so weird! For another, I have to get used to driving again. I became quite content never having to drive in NYC.

I’m still on that rollercoaster of missing New York, being excited about Cville, adjusting to Rob’s around-the-clock business school schedule, searching for the right career opportunity (for both of us – me now, and Rob following B-school), making new friends (and really missing the old ones), and plugging in to the right church. But we’re learning to love and appreciate a new life and a new lifestyle. Rob finished a week of orientation and classes last week, and is already diving into business school. I’ve been working part-time, remotely for my NYC job, though I’m still figuring out what’s in store for me professionally in Charlottesville for the next two years. It’s a struggle to disassociate my identity from my career, but I’m trying to enjoy the down time and still engage in our new community.

One thing I know for sure is that Rob is my home. No matter where we are living over the course of our life, we’re together – and that’s what matters.

Another thing I’ve realized is that I really enjoy writing/blogging. It’s such an interesting outlet, but also serves as my digital scrapbook. I’ve loved looking back at our year of engagement that we spent in NYC, and I know one day I will love looking back at the surprises, excitement, and challenges of our young marriage, as well.

So, I’m going to continue sharing my thoughts, recipes, adventures, etc. from right here in Charlottesville. Coming up… decorating our new apartment, some cool things we’ve learned about Cville, some great new dishes we’ve made, plus a few adventures (DC and surrounding Charlottesville!).


2 thoughts on “Virginia is for Lovers

  1. I’m glad you love writing/blogging because I love staying up to date on your life! Can’t wait to hear more about Cville!

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