Wedding Photos!

Rob and I have really loved re-living our wedding day through the beautiful photos of Robyn Van Dyke Photography. Here are some of our favorites, but you can view an album of the ceremony and portraits here and an album of the reception here.

I have a billion happy memories from June 15, 2013, but my favorite moments from the day were walking down the aisle on my dad’s arm, exchanging vows with Rob, a private moment together at the back of the church right after the ceremony, the beautiful toasts given at our reception, and dancing the night away with the most wonderful friends and family.

What do you remember most from your wedding? If you’re not married, what do you most look forward to about your wedding day?

Bridgette & Rob Wedding-252

Bridgette & Rob Wedding-65

Bridgette & Rob Wedding-98

Bridgette & Rob Wedding-154

Bridgette & Rob Wedding-273

Bridgette & Rob Wedding-297

Bridgette & Rob Wedding-339

Bridgette & Rob Wedding-396

Bridgette & Rob Wedding-407

Bridgette & Rob Wedding-488


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