Recipe | Kebabs

My parents make the most delicious shish kebabs in the world. Often they make them for Rob and me when we visit, but they also gave us our own skewers so we can make them anytime we want. Well, until we received a wonderful counter-top grill for our wedding, we didn’t have a way to grill our kebabs. Now that we’re settled into a spacious (!) kitchen with our counter-top grill, I went for it! And they were so, so good. Check out the “recipe” below – and, of course, you can switch meat and veggies for whatever you prefer (squash, mushrooms, pineapple).

Here’s what you need:
Cubed chicken (or your favorite meat)
Chopped onion wedges
Chopped red pepper wedges
Chopped green pepper wedges
Chopped yellow pepper wedges
Zucchini slices
Baby potatoes
Trader Joe’s Soyaki sauce

Here’s what you do:
After chopping, dicing, slicing all your ingredients, marinate the chicken in the Soyaki sauce for a few hours. Store the veggies in the fridge until go-time. Boil your potatoes to get them a little bit soft.

When it’s dinner time, skewer all your ingredients, alternating between chicken, veggies, and potatoes. Place on your grill, turning periodically to make sure everything is cooked well. Once the chicken is sufficiently cooked (and even char-grilled!), you are ready to serve!


So easy, right?!


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