Fall Fashion

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. A lot of people have a hard time bidding adieu to summer, but not me. Gone with the heat, gone with the humidity, gone with the fear of sunburn! It’s time for Fall. Woo hoo!

Who doesn’t love Fall fashion? This year, I’m inspired by many things navy + orange. Navy is obvious: it’s one of my favorite colors, it’s universally flattering, it’s a great alternative to black… I even chose navy for my bridesmaids dresses. Orange, however, might shock many of you, since I once despised the color orange. What can I say? Working for an orange organization and becoming a Darden wife has swung me to the other side. However, knowing that I have strawberry blonde hair and fair skin with a red tint, I try to steer away from lots of yellow-orange right near my face, or at least keep it minimal.

Here are some outfit ideas I can’t wait to put my own twist on:

And here are some favorite accent pieces of my own to bring in that orange to a navy/neutral outfit:

Image 2

Image 1

To see my entire dream wardrobe, check out my Pinterest board. What fashion trends and color pairings are you going to try this Fall?


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