Old House Vineyard


Over Labor Day weekend, Rob and I got to escape for a beautiful afternoon at Old House Vineyard in Culpepper, VA with my family! An hour from our home in Charlottesville, it made for the perfect outing while still being able to allot part of the day for Rob’s school work and team meeting time.

While we had to exit onto State Road 666, the ominous road was not prescient of our afternoon. It was actually such a beautiful “middle-of-nowhere” vineyard. Off of SR 666, we took a long gravel driveway up to the old house, nestled among rows and rows of gorgeous grape vines. My mom, dad, and sister had driven from DC to meet us there. After the informative and fun wine tasting inside the house, we all enjoyed a delicious picnic al fresco in the house’s backyard, accompanied by a bottle of one of their specialty wines. My favorite Old House Vineyard wine was the full-bodied red, Bacchanalia. I also really liked their rose, Rosie’s Rose, served chilled.


It was very interesting to learn how much the weather really does affect their grapes and their harvest times. Because of the abundance of rain this year, the vineyard staff were praying for no more rain until harvest time. They also were preparing to harvest one variety of grape that upcoming week, which was much earlier than normal due to the year’s rainfall. That week in classes, Rob had to read a case about a vineyard making a business decision about harvesting and planning according to weather probabilities. So fun when real life experiences can tie into his learning!


Old House Vineyard was so picturesque and relaxing. It was the perfect meeting place for the DC and Charlottesville crowds. We loved peeking around the rooms in the farmhouse from the 1800s and checking out the wedding party that had arrived for that evening’s vineyard wedding. There was even a life-size chess board in the front yard that I think Dad was itching to play so he could handily beat my sister and me. He is practically a chess-master!




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