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Though I moved into Rob’s apartment in the Financial District when we got married, this is the first place we’ve moved into together and gotten to decorate as a shared home. And it’s so fun! Since I’ve had so much free time since moving to Charlottesville, I’ve really enjoyed decorating, arranging, styling, painting, and framing. It’s so fun to make our apartment a home and see how it comes to life with our favorite memories and the things that make us us.

First up is our living room, a room I just love. It’s so cozy and homey and I loved mixing our favorite colors, patterns, art, and plants to make this room come together. Nearly all the furniture in our living room all came from things I had previously bought or had from when I lived in Charlotte. I had been able to store it all in my parents’ house while we lived in NYC (thanks, Mom & Dad!). I missed these pieces! It’s so fun to be able to use them again.


The coffee table is actually my great-grandparents’ hope chest (cedar chest) that got passed down to me. This is the first time I’ve gotten to use it, and I just love it as our coffee table!


The couch and green striped chairs were my big purchases after college graduation when I moved into my first apartment in Charlotte. I love the fun stripes balanced by the neutral couch.


Let’s talk throw pillows. I love throw pillows! They’re such an easy way to change the look or feel of a room. We had the green ones previously, but received the other two as gifts that make the perfect addition to our couch. One of my best friends, Ashley, gave me the tan pillow with the red Big Ben for Christmas last year, and Stephanie gave us our wedding monogram pillow as a Christmas gift last year, as well! It’s like they knew what our living room couch would need :).


The end tables are an Ikea purchase, and I love them because the tops come off and the inside can be used to store blankets, pillows, etc. I also love the “crate” look to add more texture and interest to the room.

I also enjoyed selecting photographs Rob and I had taken of places we love for the black and white floating pictures on either side of the curtains. I chose one of the Brooklyn Bridge with FiDi in the background, one of the Statue of Liberty, one of the Golden Gate Bridge, and one of the London Eye.


The TV stand/cabinet was a Goodwill score in Charlotte that I had sanded and painted black to make the TV blend into the room better. I also love that it has doors on it so I can store movies, board games, magazines, etc. and keep them hidden.


The leaning book shelf was a purchase we made using wedding gift cards from Crate and Barrel. I LOVE this shelf. I love that it is more open than a traditional book case, and I love the varying sizes of shelves from top to bottom. It was fun styling this book shelf with some of our favorite books, a photo of us with both sets of parents, a wedding photo, a Monet print of the Houses of Parliament, some plants, a signed Brendan James album cover, etc. I love looking at (analyzing?) other people’s book shelves, because they are such a reflection of the person/people!

Book shelf

The navy and white patterned rug was our big purchase here in Charlottesville. It was the first area rug we had ever bought, and I’m so glad we invested in one. It adds warmth to the room, brightens it a bit since the floors are so dark, and allows the cedar chest to pop instead of blending into the flooring. I used a Living Social voucher to buy this rug off of Rugs USA, an online rug retailer. I am so thrilled with the way it looks in our room and can definitely see it getting use wherever we move next!

The black ledge shelves are also from Ikea. Rob and I love that we can easily rotate art, mementos, photographs, etc. on these shelves. They really allow us to bring in some of our favorite memories, like the London Olympics or meeting Tom Hanks after his Broadway show, that are especially meaningful to us.


And I can’t forget to share some of my new Fall decorations! How do you decorate for Fall?

Fall decorations


4 thoughts on “Apartment Tour | Living Room

  1. Oh my gosh. I am seriously obsessed/in love!!!!! I especially LOVE the rug! It looks so homey and well put together. Great job! I cannot wait to see it in person 🙂

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