Friday Finds

Happy Friday, everyone! Today I’m in North Carolina enjoying a lovely bridal luncheon for a dear friend. Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating her new marriage and dancing the night away! I’ve really loved more quality time with my college besties lately, and it’s so fun to be there for such special life events.

What are you up to for this first weekend of October?

For you Pumpkin Spice Latte lovers, here’s one you can make for 120 cals.

Feeling artsy crafty? This wave, scallop, or chevron tape looks fun for paint projects!

One of Rob’s and my favorite Fall traditions. Bonus: yummy!

I’m fascinated by maps and genealogy, so this piqued my interest.

This looks like something that would (should?) turn up at the State Fair. Would you dare?

An adorable top that would be so festive for holiday parties!

Although not my first job, my first day at a new job is next week. Here’s hoping it goes better than this.

One way to better appreciate what you love about your city.

Crazy/easy dieting hack?

The Rachel? Albert Einstein? Shirley Temple? Most iconic hairstyles of all time.

A bowl of vanilla ice cream and this decadent sauce? Yes, please.

How to improve emotional intelligence, social perception, and empathy.


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