New job!

Last Thursday, I wrapped up my work with the New York City – Southern New York Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. After we moved, I stayed on working part-time, remotely with the Chapter. I really loved being able to continue working with my team to get us through the Bike MS NYC event that took place last weekend. It was incredible to see (virtually) everything culminate into another successful event. I’m so proud of the work we were able to do as a team. It was such a wonderful experience, and a true blessing that allowed me to live in NYC.

Now I’m starting a new full-time role in Charlottesville, as the Director of Development and Community Relations at The Arc of the Piedmont. Today is my first day! I’ve been so fortunate to have received the offer that I did, but I have to admit it – I’m nervous! One of my biggest concerns about moving to Charlottesville was having to take a step back in my career development. So, I never would have imagined the opportunity to take such a leap forward. God answered my prayers – and beyond. So now I’m trusting that I’ve been given this opportunity for a reason. Although the role and responsibilities feel like they’re at the end of my comfort zone, that’s the best place to grow, learn, and really see what I can bring to the organization with lots of hard work. I’ve been daily tuning my mind to fight my fears and look at this with a “go get ’em” attitude.


6 thoughts on “New job!

  1. Congrats and good luck, Bridgette! You’ll do great. A little nervousness can be a good thing… what a great opportunity for you and for ARC (to have you)!

  2. The Arc appreciates your experience, sees your potential, and is fortunate to have you join forces with them. You will do a tremendous job! ILY! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. I am so, so proud of you & so very confident in your abilities and vision!! You definitely have this! Can’t wait to hear more about your first day.. good luck and enjoy it! xoxox

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