Throwback Thursday

I reflected on some of my favorite Halloween costumes last week, but by popular demand, I wanted to share the flower costume that my mom made me one year. She cut a piece of (very large) cardboard into the shape of a flower with a hole in the center for my head. Then she glued on floral fabric and dressed me in green sweats for the stem. This is just one of her many creative costumes through the years. Amazing, right?!

Side story: As a baby and a child, I loved pushing buttons. Give me a calculator, a remote control, a (old-fashioned) telephone and I was in hog-heaven. So while I loved dressing up and getting candy on Halloween, I also loved getting to push dozens of doorbells in the neighborhood! Normally Stephanie and I would have to alternate taking turns on ringing the doorbells. However, during the Year of the Flower, my poor little arm wasn’t long enough to reach around my flower to ring the doorbells. And I wasn’t able to see the doorbell to ring it if I turned side-ways. Thus, Stephanie rang them all that year. But hey, I still look pretty happy :-).


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