Bedroom Decor

So I’m taking a break from the weekly Friday Finds series because I’ve been sick, yet especially busy all week. If you missed last week’s Friday Finds, you can check it out here.

I showed you guys our living room decor, but we still have boxes of frames, prints, art, keepsakes, etc. that I haven’t gone through or properly displayed. Those boxes are tucked wherever I can fit them: in our office, extra closets, and under the bed. But we have many special things I want to display, like our tickets from the 2012 London Olympics and our apartment key from the first apartment we shared on Wall Street in NYC. I’d rather see those memories daily than have them tucked under the bed.

So, I’m going to tackle the “gallery wall that incorporates/disguises the TV” in our bedroom. It’s funny, we don’t ever use the TV, but it’s there… taking up space. I’m just going to build around it following this vision (via):


2 thoughts on “Bedroom Decor

  1. Loved the tour even though I saw some of it in July you have it so beautiful now. Hope you are feeling better. Maybe the warmer weekend will help heal. Jan

  2. I’ve been pulling pieces together for mine too!!!! Ah, pinterest… =) Can’t wait to see yours! I just got back from TX and brought back a special piece and I created a new piece for Richard’s birthday – will be up on the blog soon! 🙂

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