Friday Finds

I’ve got my husband back! I picked him up from the airport last night, and tonight we’re celebrating “our” Christmas with a gift & stocking exchange, a special home-cooked dinner, and a Christmas movie + popcorn on the couch. I’m also excited to have some time off work to really enjoy the holiday and time with our families. Have a wonderful weekend!

This Christmas card is ah-ma-zing. (P.S. – Their house looks like an exact replica of my childhood house in Atlanta.)

Incredible sports photography.

There is always a silver lining, even in the midst of tragedy.

A lovely duet.

What an awesome stocking stuffer these would make.

The most overused buzzwords on LinkedIn.

Chipotle does Naples?

Rob taught these boys their dance moves.

A capella: A ca-awesome.

Made me laugh.

Good always wins the day. Thanks, Google!