Best of 2013

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On New Year’s Eve last year, I was in New York City with my fiance and a circle of friends. We were eating snacks and drinking champagne at the Paynes’ apartment, getting ready to brave the wintry weather and crazy crowds of NYC’s infamous Times Square. I knew then that 2013 would be a big year. And that it was. New Year’s Eve is always a special time to reflect and remember, so here’s my countdown of Top 10 “Best of 2013.”

10. I got a new job in Charlottesville. It’s giving me more experience, challenges, and knowledge than I ever thought I would get at age 24.

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9. Rob and I welcomed our second nephew into the world (he just snuck into 2013), making us the proud aunt and uncle of TWO cute little boys! We love Ben and Nate!


8. My family had a mini-reunion with a wine tasting and picnic in Culpeper, Virginia at Old House Winery. It was a perfect afternoon with Rob, my mom, my dad, and my sister right after we moved to Virginia.

7. I grew in friendship with Maggie, Jessa, and Rebecca through our weekly “accountability group” in NYC. Each of these women is so special and made New York an even more wonderful place to live.

6. Rob and I started a new chapter with a move to Charlottesville, Virginia for him to start business school. We got to decorate our new home together and make friends in a new community.

5. I ran my first half-marathon. Through the hills of Central Park, no less. It took a lot of mind-over matter for me to complete this race without stopping, as I don’t consider myself a natural distance runner. When I finished, nothing could erase the beam on my face.

4. I got to spend a whole weekend at the beach with my closest friends. For one of my Bachelorette parties, Stephanie orchestrated the perfect beach get-away with my college girlfriends. Since I don’t get to see them every day like I used to, I absolutely loved spending a fun weekend chatting, eating, dancing, and playing like old times.

3. I broke out my snow boots for the NYC blizzard. I absolutely love snow and the way it makes everything look so pristine and fairytale-like. Rob and I had the best time walking through Central Park in the foot-deep snow and watching all the cute kids sled and play.

2. I honeymooned with my new husband at Hermitage Bay in Antigua. This was the absolute best honeymoon I could’ve imagined, full of complete relaxation, joyful conversations, delicious dining, unmatched scenery, and Antiguan adventure. What a special trip.

1. I married Rob. For the rest of my life, 2013 will always stand out in importance. Rob and I shared the most magical day professing our vows, loving our favorite people, and dancing the night away. It was the perfect way to begin our marriage, and it was my favorite day of the year.

So much to be grateful for! Thanks for the memories, 2013, and CHEERS to 2014!

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