Our Six Month-versary!

six months

Today marks six months since Rob and I tied the knot in beautiful Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Honestly, that perfect day feels like forever ago. So many big life things have happened in this past half a year, but marriage has been the constant best thing in our lives. To save you from more mushy-gushy, I thought I’d share something a little more light-hearted.

I recently came across an article by the Huffington Post: 35 Things You Absolutely MUST Agree Upon Before Getting Married. A little ridiculous, but the “disagreements” that come from this list seem to add a little spice to marriage. It’s nice not being an exact clone of your spouse. But it is interesting and fun to learn to live with him/her and the inevitable differences. Check out our answers below. Where are points of “contention” in your marriage or relationship?

1. Does the toilet paper go over or under the roll?
B – Over. Definitely.
R – Don’t care.

2. Cats? Dogs? Both?
B – Neither. Ever. Sorry future kids, mommy’s “allergic.”
R – Neither.

3. Can you eat breakfast for dinner?
B – Yeah! That’s a fun treat. Might as well put on pajamas, too.
R – Yes, but why would you want to? The better question is, can you eat dinner for breakfast?

4. Cold pizza: yes or no?
B – Eh, depends how desperate/hungry I am.
R – Eh, it’s okay.

5. Is it acceptable to open presents as they arrive or do you have to wait for the actual birthday or holiday?
B – Wait for the actual birthday or holiday.
R – Actual birthday or holiday.

6. Should the dirty forks and knives go in the dishwasher with the handle sticking out of the utensil tray or down in the utensil tray?
B – Handle sticking out. Does anyone actually put the dirty side up?!
R – Definitely out.

7. Is it acceptable to leave dishes in the sink to “soak” overnight, or do they need to be cleaned before bed?
B – They can “soak” if I’m too lazy to unload the clean dishes from the dishwasher. Otherwise, just load ’em in.
R – It’s acceptable, yeah.

8. Toothpaste: cap on or cap off?
B – On.
R – On.

9. Again on the toothpaste: roll it from the bottom or just squeeze really hard?
B – Just squeeze really hard. Then when I can’t squeeze any harder, I move onto the next tube while Rob musters out the last remaining bits of paste from the first tube.
R – Continue to roll from the bottom in the tubes that Bridgette tossed aside for a new tube weeks ago.

10. Are towels a one-time use item or do you use the same towel until laundry day?
B – In a dream world, they’re one-time use, but in our world, they generally get a few days of use before grabbing a new one.
R – Yeah, I can use the same towel until laundry day.

11. How about washcloths?
B – One-time use.
R – Multiple use.

12. Road trip or flying?
B – Always love a good road trip, but it depends on time constraints.
R – Flying because we get there quicker.

13. What’s the right thread count for sheets?
B – As many as we can afford :). I love a luxurious bed.
R – As high as you can get. I love soft sheets.

14. What brand of toilet paper?
B – Whatever’s on sale.
R – Could not care less.

15. Mayo or Miracle Whip?
B – Neither. You won’t find that stuff in our house.
R – Never. Ever. Ever. Ever.

16. Pepsi or Coke?
B – Coke! Preferably Sprite, the world’s best drink.
R – Coke. And that’s the most ridiculous (obvious) question on this list.

17. Can you eat the holiday candy out in the display bowl or must it be left there for display?
B – Depends. I ate the Reese’s out of our bowl at Halloween, but that was my mistake for buying too tempting of a treat. The candy corn and now peppermints, however, are just for display.
R – I’ve never thought about it. Probably because I don’t have hankerings for candy.

18. What is YOUR definition of camping?
B – Sleeping on an air mattress at someone else’s place.
R – Hiking during the day and returning to the Westin at night.

19. Turn the thermostat down when you go out or leave it alone?
B – If I leave the house, the thermostat is off. When I come home, I turn it on and set it.
R – Turn it off, for sure. I’m more concerned about keeping it cool than warming it anyway.

20. At what point is a garbage bag too full to stuff more trash in it?
B – Haha I will cram as much in as possible. It’s only too full when it smells bad.
R – When you can’t fit any more into the bag. Or when it smells atrocious.

21. How many times is it acceptable to hit the snooze button?
B – As many as you want – just can’t be late for work/school ūüėČ
R – As many as you’d like. I don’t love to get up.

22. Thrift store shopping: great deals or gross?
B – Great for some things, like the awesome bench I got for our patio.
R – Thrift store shopping is fine, but not usually for clothes.

23. How far in advance is it OK to plan a vacation?
B – Never too early.
R – I’d say no more than a year, or so.

24. Restaurant reservations: necessary or too restrictive?
B – Necessary because we get dining points (read: free cash) using Open Table.
R – Fine if needed, but too restrictive if not necessary for the restaurant. I don’t like to be on too strict of a time frame.

25. Roller coasters: love ’em or hate ’em?
B – Love!!
R – Love ’em.

26. More chocolate chips, less cookie or more cookie, less chips?
B – A nice balance… unless it comes to dough, then more dough and less chips.
R – More cookie.

27. How much orange juice must be left in the container for it to be returned to the fridge?
B – I hate wasting, so either finish it or put it back in the fridge until it’s finished.
R – I don’t drink orange juice :-D.

28. Chip clips or just roll the bag up?
B – Chip clips… I have a particular method of folding the bag before clipping that I taught Rob.
R – Chip clips, for sure. Though I’m not as particular as Bridgette.

29. Call the doctor or just take some medicine at home?
B – Just take some medicine at home… I avoid doctors at all cost.
R – Call the doctor, for sure. Taking medicine and just sitting at home has never worked for me.

30. Where is the prime location for the TV remote to stay?
B – On the coffee table, in the tray.
R – On the coffee table.

31. Is it OK to have a TV in the bedroom?
B – I’d prefer not, but we do have one in there. We just don’t use it.
R – Of course, but we don’t use it.

32. Should folded clothes be put away, or is it OK to just pull as needed from the basket of clean laundry?
B – Preferably put away, but I understand how busy some people are ;).
R – Put away, unless too short on time to do so.

33. Do you need to write a grocery list or just wait until you’re walking around the store to figure out what you need?
B – Definitely write a grocery list and cross off as I go.
R – Definitely wait until you’re walking around. I just walk up and down every aisle to make sure I don’t miss anything.

34. Making the bed: must-do or waste of time because you’re just going to get back in it?
B – I love a well-made bed! And I also love when Rob surprises me with a well-made bed if I leave first in the morning!
R – I’m neutral.

35. Is it OK to shave/clip toenails in the living room?
B – Ew, no.
R – No, of course not.


Wedding Photos!

Rob and I have really loved re-living our wedding day through the beautiful photos of Robyn Van Dyke Photography. Here are some of our favorites, but you can view an album of the ceremony and portraits here and an album of the reception here.

I have a billion happy memories from June 15, 2013, but my favorite moments from the day were walking down the aisle on my dad’s arm, exchanging vows with Rob, a private moment together at the back of the church right after the ceremony, the beautiful toasts given at our reception, and dancing the night away with the most wonderful friends and family.

What do you remember most from your wedding? If you’re not married, what do you most look forward to about your wedding day?

Bridgette & Rob Wedding-252

Bridgette & Rob Wedding-65

Bridgette & Rob Wedding-98

Bridgette & Rob Wedding-154

Bridgette & Rob Wedding-273

Bridgette & Rob Wedding-297

Bridgette & Rob Wedding-339

Bridgette & Rob Wedding-396

Bridgette & Rob Wedding-407

Bridgette & Rob Wedding-488

Going to the Chapel (Hill)!

NINE days until we get married! We’re now in the single-digit countdown! On Saturday I’ll be heading to Charlotte, NC to spend some time with my parents before all the wedding festivities begin in Chapel Hill.

It’s been an incredible year of growing, learning, and loving as Rob and I have spent our engagement in New York City. But now it’s time to tie the knot! We’re so excited to see you all next week! And to those who can’t make it, you are greatly missed and with us in spirit.

This is my last post until Rob and I are Mr. & Mrs. and back in NYC. This Uptown girl will become a Downtown girl! This week, we’ve been moving all my things from my Upper East Side apartment to Rob’s apartment in the Financial District. We’re so excited to begin our married life!


Beach Bachelorette!

I’m a lucky, lucky bride because I got to have a second bachelorette celebration in sunny North Carolina with my besties. Stephanie planned the perfect weekend in Emerald Isle, filled with best friends, sunshine, beach time, great reading, a hilarious movie, relaxation, scrumptious mimosa brunches, games, late-night conversations, a photo booth, a pinata, a lingerie shower, a night at a beachfront bar, ocean-side dinners, a stroll through the coastal town of Beaufort, and memories for a lifetime.

To everyone who was a part of it: I love you dearly and am so thankful for your friendship! It was so special to spend a weekend with the girls who know me best right before I embark on this adventure called marriage :).

Oh, and while my sister is currently saving the world in DC, she will one day be a wedding event planner… I’m certain of it. She has such a passion and joy for all things wedding-related and thinks of everything to make an event special. I’ll give out referrals for her future services because not everyone can be as lucky as me to have her as a sister, BFF, and maid of honor all in one! But seriously, she’s amazing.


NYC Bachelorette!

I’ve been pretty busy lately, so I’m a bit back-logged with my blogging. But I definitely wanted to share some highlights from the Bachelorette Party that my sister, Stephanie, planned for me here in NYC. First of all, she is the most loving, thoughtful, generous, and excited person in the world. Second of all, she absolutely loves weddings and any event related to weddings (especially planning parties). I am incredibly blessed to have Stephanie as my maid of honor. While she has a fantastic job in D.C., I do believe that one day she will be a wedding planner ;-). Thank you, Stephanie, for throwing such a fun party with my sweet friends in New York!

We had amazing snacks and appetizers at my apartment during the shower: wine, cheese, crackers, salami, chocolate-dipped pretzels with metallic sprinkles, and best of all — Georgetown Cupcakes, my favorite!

Stephanie had a fun array of games, from Scattergories using mine and Rob’s initials, to a question game about how well I know Rob/our relationship, to a “find your partner” game with people from my favorite couples stuck on each person’s back (I had Jack Dawson stuck on my back, so I had to first ask yes or no questions to find out who I was, then go find the person who had Rose stuck on her back).

And, of course, what’s a Bachelorette Party without a few fun gifts?!

We had so much fun before heading down to the Stanton Social in the Lower East Side for drinks and food! I loved celebrating with these amazing friends and I’m so thankful for each and every one of them.

Our Fall Engagement Session in Heart Love Weddings


Our incredible wedding photographer, Robyn Van Dyke, contacted me recently to share some exciting news! Our fall engagement session will be featured on the Heart Love Weddings blog on April 25! They will publish a little bit of our love story to go along with some of our fall photos – I’m excited to see it! Stay tuned for the link when it’s published in April.


Rob and I decided to get to work on our wedding registries over a couple days during our vacation time since things will ratchet up again with work¬†very quickly. First stop: Crate and Barrel on Madison Avenue. This was such a fun experience, and we enjoyed scanning away! We were so impressed with Crate and Barrel’s excellent customer service, especially with registries. The store was easy to navigate, and the associates were always accessible with important and useful information.

Next stop: Macy’s in Herald Square. Exciting in theory, exhausting in actuality. This Macy’s has about 8 floors, the wedding registry being on the highest, and hordes of people. Navigating this store was as hard as navigating the NYC subways for the first time. And our scanner stopped working about an hour in, which gave us an¬†unnecessary¬†bump in the road as we tried to get a replacement. We spent hours in there, but didn’t feel like we accomplished all that much… will have to spend some time managing that registry online.

Saying ‘YES!’ to the Dress

After my first (and last!) wedding dress shopping experience, I thought I’d just share a list of little take-aways that made the shopping and selecting so much fun…

  1. Think about what you want and what you definitely don’t want before you go shopping. Browse magazines and the online collections that are carried at stores you’re going to.
  2. Try on one dress that is completely crazy or not what you would walk down the aisle in… just for fun!
  3. If you’re going to stores that aren’t “off the rack,” go ahead and put on your make-up and do your hair. Your make-up won’t ruin any dresses because they’re samples. And it’s nice to have the full effect of how you might look on your wedding day :-).
  4. I had my mom and my sister/Maid of Honor with me, and I got two great opinions. Dress shopping with a whole crew could get very overwhelming very quickly.
  5. Be sure to ask about any possible alterations that could be done that would change the entire look of the dress. For example, a sash under the bust with intricate beading and sparkle on it completely changed the look of one dress I tried on. Also, straps can easily be added to strapless gowns, which would also change the look drastically.
  6. Pay attention to your face in the mirror, as much as the dress in the mirror. Each time I put on the dress I ultimately picked, my face said it all – I could not stop beaming!
  7. Follow your gut — how you feel in the dress is the most indicative sign of whether the dress is right or not. Of course the dresses you try on will look beautiful on you, but you know more than anyone else what your dream dress is!
  8. Try on lots of dresses! The very first dress I selected and tried on was the one I ordered. It was absolutely perfect, and I didn’t even want to take it off to try any of the others. But I’m very glad I tried on about a dozen other dresses – some similar and some completely different – because it solidified how I felt about that first dress and I can look back and feel so confident in my decision.