Friday Finds

I’ve got my husband back! I picked him up from the airport last night, and tonight we’re celebrating “our” Christmas with a gift & stocking exchange, a special home-cooked dinner, and a Christmas movie + popcorn on the couch. I’m also excited to have some time off work to really enjoy the holiday and time with our families. Have a wonderful weekend!

This Christmas card is ah-ma-zing. (P.S. – Their house looks like an exact replica of my childhood house in Atlanta.)

Incredible sports photography.

There is always a silver lining, even in the midst of tragedy.

A lovely duet.

What an awesome stocking stuffer these would make.

The most overused buzzwords on LinkedIn.

Chipotle does Naples?

Rob taught these boys their dance moves.

A capella: A ca-awesome.

Made me laugh.

Good always wins the day. Thanks, Google!


Friday Finds

Welcome, weekend! Rob is in the middle of exams, so while he’s working away this weekend, I’ll be crafting, reading, and watching a Christmas movie or two. Then he heads to NYC on Sunday afternoon for a week, so it will be very quiet! Hope you have a beautiful, Christmas-y weekend.

Inexpensive superfoods to keep you healthy and strong.

Talk about spreading Christmas cheer! (Happy tears!)

100% – my mom taught me well!

If you can’t think of anything nice to say, you’re not thinking hard enough.

The most beautiful words in the English language.

The 2013 Hater’s Guide to the Williams Sonoma Catalogue. (Hilarious, but don’t click if vulgar language offends you.)

December as a college student vs. December as a working adult.

I’ve never cooked seafood, but I think I could handle this crab recipe.

10 Quick, Easy Meals for Moms! Drenched in hilarious sarcasm… sorry, Mom, for being such a picky eater all those years!

Friday Finds

Happy Friday! I’m so looking forward to a quiet weekend at home. Tonight we’re hosting our first annual Christmas party! You can check out what I’ll be serving here. We also have the Darden Holiday Ball, and I just love a good excuse to dress up! In between, there will be plenty of lounging, reading, and basking in the twinkle of our Christmas tree.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Cabernet Cranberry Sauce – I made this for my grandparents and took it to them over Thanksgiving.

Next up on my reading list.

A Disney movie can always take away the stressors of adulthood – at least for a couple hours.

How to take pretty pictures of your Christmas tree.

A Christmas craft for your mantle.

100 notable books of 2013. And top books in various genres for 2013.

Move over, emerald.

This is how I feel about snow, too. (Warning: this will make you smile.)

“We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.” -Nelson Mandela

Weekend in NYC – What to Do

Visiting NYC for the first time since we moved away was so exciting. I have really missed the city and our friends there, so it was so nice to be able to get back – even if only for a short couple of days. But after living there for a year, what does one do when visiting? It’s really hard for me to restrain myself from packing in too much. I had every intention of “taking it easy” but that didn’t last long. Not that I’m complaining… well, my feet are. I’ve gotten out of the habit of walking everywhere and booking 3+ miles a day on foot!

So here’s what we did (Rob had a hefty exam to take on Saturday, so we weren’t always together):

  • I met up with my girlfriends late Friday night at Dos Caminos in the Meatpacking District for margaritas and their ah-ma-zing guacamole. This is one of my favorite restaurants in NYC (and it’s Mexican, so obviously I love it), and it’s tucked in the heart of a vibrant and lively part of the city.
  • I went for a long walk in Central Park with Maggie and Jessa – one of my very favorite parts of the city – and had great girl time with these two.
  • I checked out the Plaza and the Plaza Food Hall, all decked out in Christmas decorations.
  • I walked from the Plaza along Fifth Avenue all the way to Bryant Park, peeking into all the famously intricate window displays and ending up at Bryant Park’s holiday shops.
  • Rob finished up an exam that afternoon, whose case was on Warby Parker, so we hopped over to SoHo to check out their store and try on glasses (after a pick-me-up cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake).
  • We ate at a delicious and popular NYC steakhouse, The Smith, near Lincoln Center and had fun in their photo booth
  • We strolled through Central Park to Wollman Rink  – magical setting against the bright city lights.
  • We went to our old church, Apostles, on the Upper East Side
  • We got brunch after church with some friends and celebrated my old roomie’s engagement!

Okay, so we did manage to squeeze in a lot. But it’s hard to resist all the fun things to see and do! What would YOU do if you had a weekend in NYC?

Friday Finds

This girl is headed to NYC tonight… and could not be more excited! First stop straight from LGA: to the Meatpacking District for late night margaritas and guac with my dear friends Maggie, Rebecca, and Jessa. Also can’t wait to see my old roomie, Whitney, and the gorgeous new rock on her finger! I can’t believe it’s been almost four months since I was last in the city. I’m ready for a weekend to soak it up!

Rob has a conference with a recruiting company today, so he’s already up there. We decided to make a weekend of it since it’s not especially easy to travel from Cville to NYC. Right now is such a wonderful time of year to be in New York – the city is the most festive place in the world!

These parents are awesome.

The new Oxford Dictionary word of the year beat out “twerk.”

And the most memorable selfies of 2013.

Cold-weather running tips.

Best coin ever spent. (One of my very favorite songs. Chills.)

Cute Thanksgiving printables.

Festive nail polish.

A proud week for Tar Heels.

The amazing a cappella version of a song I shared a few weeks ago.

This made me laugh.

One more reason to move to London.

No more bat wings.

A gorgeous holiday dress.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

Friday Finds

It’s definitely getting a bit colder here in Virginia now that we’re a week into November. The Farmer’s Almanac predicted a harsh winter for Cville this year. I’m headed a little further south this weekend to celebrate my sister-in-law’s second baby at her baby shower! It will be a brother for our little nephew to play with! So exciting to become an Aunt x 2 in just a couple months!

Have a beautiful weekend.

This fashion business not only carries gorgeous jewelry, but empowers people to rise above poverty.

The flyest 6 year-old around.

Hate good-byes? Just ghost.

Banksy takes New York. (View slideshow.)

A song for your weekend.

Dancing with the Cars – I used to pass her every day at 62nd street on my walk to work.

Marriage isn’t for me.

Annual Halloween candy prank on kids.

Big things happening at TOMS. Just in time for Christmas shopping!

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

A new recipe I tried this week.

Friday Finds

Today I’m thankful for a weekend of rest ahead of me. After 4 amazing weekends of either travel or visitors and another one next weekend, I’m going to soak up some quiet. Rob has Term 2 exams (yesterday through Monday), so it will be especially quiet. Maybe some reading, a run or two, and some crafting for my sister-in-law’s baby shower will round out my weekend.

Oh, and happy November!

Do you have a case of laptop-thigh?

“PIVOT!” This game will keep my Friends occupied.

The high-rise life.

Say it isn’t so, Sriracha!

On my reading wish list.

Yummy Fall-flavored recipe with baked potatoes and asparagus. Success!

New York subway signs experiment!

The ghost stories of UVa.

Nodding along to this song.

Friday Finds

Rob is out of town at a conference for MBA students in California, so one of my favorite friends, Ashley, is coming to visit this weekend! Ashley and I have been friends since the glory days of 6th grade (hah) and roomed together all through college. Some of my favorite life memories are with her, so I am SO excited to have some quality girl time with her in Charlottesville.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ten words to cut from your writing.

What you didn’t even know you needed to know.

Girl Scout cookies just got even sweeter.

Scratch ‘n Sniff whaaat?!

Meet Mei Lun and Mei Huan!

If I had a dog

Intrigued by this upcoming movie… anyone else?

Mom & Dad left us with an abundance of apples last weekend – think I’ll try this recipe!

And this one.

How cozy does this coat look?

Gorgeous camera strap… DIY project?

Friday Finds

Friday, Friday, Friday! I made it through my first full week of work, despite fighting a nasty and lingering cold. Now I’m feeling almost completely back to normal, and I’m a lucky girl because my parents are visiting this weekend! We’d like to try a hiking trail on the Monticello mountain and perhaps the local Farmer’s Market and a vineyard or two. Plus we get to cheer against duke at the UVa football game tomorrow. Can’t turn that down! As always, #GTHD.

How are you spending this beautiful weekend?

Book map: most famous book set in every state. Have you read your state’s book?

Can you read people’s emotions just by their eyes? I got 27/36 correct.

I’m a sucker for the ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas line-up.

My secret to DIY manicures. (But it’s less than $3 at Duane Reade in NYC.)

I fell in love with these amazing city prints.

Has anyone tried the eos lip balm? I don’t get why I’m seeing it everywhere all of a sudden.

This rivals the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. (Be sure to view the slideshow).

Watch a panda learn to crawl.

#FirstWorldProblem: solved. (!!!)

Considering jumping on the bootie band wagon with these.

A fantastic “how-to” on styling farmer’s market flowers.

Last but not least… a closing thought.

Friday Finds

Happy Friday! Friday means a little bit more to me now that I just started my new job here in Charlottesville. Time to celebrate and soak up the weekend! I’m so excited to see my sister, Stephanie, this weekend for some Fall fun: a sleepover, an orchard, a vineyard, pretty leaves, and lots of quality time.

Comfort food at its finest… with a spicy kick!

Kids say the darndest things.

I’d really love to see this new 3D flick. Hopefully tonight!

Another week, another map: America’s largest non-profits by state.

A creative, easy way to serve guacamole.

I love the Strand Bookstore + Kate Spade.

What to wear (or not wear) to work.

Simple ways to save $$$.

Still missing the panda cam during the gov’t shutdown.

Speaking of which, Americans prefer cockroaches to Congress (but prefer Congress to Miley Cyrus).

Still re-watching this in awe.